Activeworlds is a virtual reality chat world that you can either chat to people or build things on. When you first sign up you create your user name. As you walk around in the worlds you can chat with people who you see around where you are. If you are interested in building there are some worlds you can build in, just to name a couple AW and Mars.


Here is a list of Wraps (codes that go in the action line to change a object)!



If you want you can check out some of the things I Built here is a list!



New builders help.

Find bare land with an object in sight

Right click on the object to highlight it

Press your insert key on your keyboard one time to duplicate the object.

Use KEYBOARD arrow keys to move object away from the original object to your area.

Close the object properties box by left clicking on the sky to make the new object "stay".

Right click again on your new object.

In "Object" type a new object name like walk029h.rwx

Exit "object properties" by clicking on the "x" in the upper right hand corner. Your object turns into the new name.

Cover your land BEFORE building to prevent vandalism.

(Remember anything you build CANNOT be on top of another user if the world has a registry and the 2 worlds I listed above do, so when you move the object away remember to move it far enough away so when you place it, it will stay)


Question and answer section.

"Object I copied won't stay put?"

Probably too close to another person's object.

Another person's object may be hidden underground

"How do I make special effects?"

Jot down what is in "Action" of an object you like.

And type that in "Action" of your object.

"How do I claim land?"

COVER ALL your bare land with something. Putting a fence around it won't prevent someone else from putting an object in, anywhere there is even a fraction of bare land.

walk029h.rwx is good "grass" cover

"What does 'cannot encroach' mean?"

Your object can't touch someone elses.

Be sure that the yellow highlight of your object doesn't touch another person's object.

"How can I move my object just a tiny bit?"

Hold down the "shift key" while using keyboard arrow keys.

Page up and page down keys will turn object (add shift key to make tiny adjustments)

"How do I raise or lower an object?"

Right click on object to highlight it.

Use plus or minus keys. Add shift key for minor +/- adjustments.

"My object disappeared after I used the minus key!"

You accidentally sank it underground. Use shift and minus key to sink yourself underground.

RTclick on your object and use plus key at least 6 to 7 times to send it back above ground. Then use shift and plus to get yourself above ground again.

"I used shift/minus to go underground...I kept falling!"

When you go underground and keep "falling", tap the plus key several times.

Continue clicking the plus key until you can't rise anymore; then hold down shift key and continue "plus-ing" until you are flying above ground.

"Can I create a brand new object somehow?"

No, but you can combine existing objects to build something "new" looking.

Right click on unusual objects to see what's in their "action" line.

"How can I take an object from here to my place?"

1. Right click on an object and write down the object name.

2. Then go back to your place, right click on one of your old objects, and replace old object name with the new name you jotted down. (Be sure to include .rwx at the end of the name)

Another way to take something home.

RTclick on the item. Drag mouse across object name to highlight it. When name is highlighted, RTclick again and chosse "copy" from the popup menu.

Then return to your place, RTclick on one of your objects, drag mouse across the name, RTclick again and choose "paste".

How to do multiple bump warps for roller coasters and other rides

We will use the teleport list for this project. For multiple bump warps use pp17 and number them from 1 to however many you will be using

Starting with # 1 step into the panel and click teleport and remember. In the pop up box put #1 in front of your world name. click save and go on to the next panel in rotation.

After all the panels are indexed right click on your start button. Then click on explore.Then double click on active worlds. Then double click on teleport.

In the teleport note pad will be all of your teleports, numbered and in order.

Just copy and paste the teleport info in this manner.....bumb warp (then paste the info here) After all the warps are working you need to make them invisible like so. create visible off; bump warp ( pasted comand)



To get started there are a few things you should know. Warps and teleports are 2 different things where a warp will take you to a certain place by making you avatar move and see where you are going to where a teleport command will take you directly to that spot. Also teleports can teleport you anywhere in the world you are in or take you to another world to a certain location where warp commands only let you warp someone to a certain location located in the world you are in. Another thing that should be known is that warps are not 100% accurate all the time this all depends on how each persons system is being used and how slow their system is or other circumstances. Now the 2 basic ways that teleport and warp commands are different is that with teleports they are put there just to get you to a certain location whereas warps are mainly used for amusement type rides like roller coasters, railroads etc etc... not to say this is the only way to use them. How you use them is up to you but that is the basic example.Ok now to the fun part - below you will see a few demonstations of how to use warps and teleports and some helpfull hints on which objects to use while building them. Also note that each world has their own special kinds of objects so to show you i am gonna use objects found in Alphaworld here goes.


Basic teleport to teleport someone to another coordinates in same world


using tport.rwx object

If i was at ground zero in alphaworld and i wanted to have it teleport someone to 500n 500w i would go right click on the tport.rwx object and in the action box depending if i wanted them to click on it to teleport i would type in activate teleport 500n 500w if i wanted them to bump into the tport.rwx i would type in bump teleport 500n 500w if i wanted to have both bump and activate i would type in this activate teleport 500n 500w; bump teleport 500n 500w now these commands will send the person to that location and always facing north when they get there. To get more advanced with this you can send a person facing any direction like north,south,east and west by putting in a degree. Here is the list of degrees for each direction - 90 = west 180 = south and 270 = east. So lets say i wanted them to face west when they arrived at that location i would put in the 90 after the coords. Using the activate command i would put it in like this activate teleport 500n 500w 90. Now lets say you wanted to have some teleported to that location but 10 meters up in the air this can be accomplished by using the following command 1.0a notice how the . is there. So remember that 1.0 is 10 meters up so if you wanted to go 15 meters would be 1.5 and so on. Now using the teleport command with this i would put in activate teleport 500n 500w 1.0a and that would put you in the air 10 meters at that coords now lets say i wanted them to face west also then the command would be activate teleport 500n 500w 1.0a 90 you must put the height in before the direction otherwise it will not work.

Now to teleport someone to another world


If i wanted to teleport someone to america world you could only use the teleport command. Now there are2 basic teleports for this one is a basic teleport that would send the person just to ground zero (ground zero being where everyone enters the world) or you could send them to a certain location. To send them into ground zero of america i would type in the following activate teleport america. To send them to lets say the america railroad i would type in activate teleport america 100n 100w or you can use the bump teleport or both like shown above as well as the height and direction also shown above.


Having a invisible bump teleport


You can have a object hidden from view that a person can walk into that would teleport them to different place by using any object you want. Now remember with this the bigger the object the better the chance of them walking into it. Using the bump teleport i have above and lets say i wanted to teleport the person to 200n 200w i would put in the following in the action line of the object you are using bump warp 200n 200w; create visible off now you can use this command with all of the functions above as long as you use the bump teleport command not the activate command because the person will not see this object unless he happens to right click on a object and then the object would appear.


How to use the teleport.txt file to do warps


You can do warps faster this way but it is not exactly totally accurate. If you know how to save coords in aw this should come easy. Ok so i am getting a little ahead of myself here but gonna show this first. Lets say your laying out a roller coaster and you put in object to be used for warps you can number each object consecutively from 1 to ? then stand on the 2nd warp you are going to use then click on teleport and then click on remember it will not bring up a screen showing the world you are in and the coordinates you are at not insert the # 1 before the world and save it then do this for every warp you are going to use and remember when you are standing on # 3 number it # 2 and so on always keeping the # you put in one # behind the warp object you are standing on because when you go to copy and paste the coords from the teleport.txt file the # 2 will go in the # 2 warp object and so forth and so on. Once you are done with remembering all the warps go into your file manager or windows explored program and then go into your activeworlds directory and look for a file called teleport.txt once you find it click on it till it opens. Here you can copy and paste the coordinates into the action line of each warp object(only copy the coordinates not the world you are in or the # you put in just the coordinates #;s).

Now the above section should give you more than the basics which is really not that hard. I am now gonna describe how to make a roller coaster and suggestion for object to use for warps. First thing you want to do is layout the roller coaster with the objects you intend to use (other then the warp object you put them in last). Once you have your roller coaster all laid out and are ready to put warps in now you have to decide which object to use to accomplish this. There are several choices you can make you can use tables, walls or something of that nature it is all up to your preference. For now lets just say you use table1.rwx you would put them about 1 meter apart from each other or further depending on how you laid out the roller coaster (remember to # each one from 1 - ?). Once you are done laying out all the table1.rwx for warps now you must go and put the bump warp commands in them either by way desribed one section earlier or manually but the best way is the way described above. Here is one important part you have to have the command bump warp in each warp object this way when you paste it is mostly complete. Here you will have to work out the bugs in the warps once they are all completed take a ride on it (for now all the warps will still show this way any corrections that have to be made are easier to do). While taking the ride you will probably notice that a few of the warps have to be adjusted so just adjust them by sight. Once you are completed and satisfied that the ride works satisfactory now you want to go back and hide all the warp objects by going into each one and adding this command after the warp coordinates ;create visible off. Also in the beginning of the roller coaster you want to have some kind of way to start it either by having a sign telling the person to walk onto the roller coaster and the warp will take them or have a sign with a warp command in it(for example in the description box you would type in Click here to start the ride and in the command box you would type in create sign; activate warp (coords) this way they know what to do to start riding it).

Now for some object suggestions: for warps that are in the air tables or walls work fine but what might work a little better is a small arch (the more object you give them to hit the better it will work like if you give them a wall they have to hit a thin wall exaclty at that spot where wall is but if you give them a arch to hit you have a big area not just a small area). On the ground best bet is using a floor object because you have plenty of area for them to hit so less chance for them to get stopped.